TES V Skyrim - Skooma dealer quest

Throughout skyrim you will go to the Riften fishery and see a woman (Argonian) - No hair

She will say she might lose her job due to a Skooma addiction and needs a Cure Desease potion, once she had this a Goal will come up saying "Find out the source of the Skooma"

So then you will go to the Jarl's Palace and say "I Know of a Skooma dealer in Riften and she will give the key to the your thier kill the 2 Men and get the key to the Skooma room, go get all the Skooma and find evidence (Satchel downstairs) !!!BUG!!! You have to read the letter before you leave otherwise it will get stuck...

and the Jarl will give you a Mace of Embers and that's the Quest!

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